Never a dull moment

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If there have been any dull moments in the last four years I certainly cant remember them.  We have been living life to the full and with the arrival of the twins that life is about to get even fuller.  Whether life is “Full to the brim” or “Full to bursting” we shall see.

When thinking of a name for the blog K’s suggestion was simply “Madness”.  Unfortunately that name has already been taken but lets hope we can manage to avoid the asylum for now at least, although its more than likely we will be trying to check ourselves in to the local 5 star madhouse for some enforced solitude over the next few years.

I am going to try and record the experience of helping to raise three children one year apart in age (yes that’s one year in total not one year between each child ) as I suspect it will all fly past us in a blur.  I already have a hazy recollection of the first few months with L.  The brain deletes the feelings of exhaustion and fatigue to protect you from actually going mad but along the way of course a lot of the detail is lost.

To add to the hundreds of photographs we already have of L and the thousands more that will be taken I would like to try to record the joy, fun, laughter, worry, fatigue and stress of everyday life with our three little flowers.

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