Receiving is better than Giving. Fact!

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With L’s two sister now making their way to the departure lounge one thing she is going to have to become comfortable with is giving and sharing! I’m not too worried about sharing but giving, that’s a totally different concept.

L likes to share. When indulging in a lolly as a treat the games goes – dad has a lick then L has a lick. Then dad has a lick then L has a lick. Interrupt this careful balance and sneak in a cheeky double lick and all hell breaks loose. Arms start flapping, tears start to flow at the unfairness of it all. Sharing is a two-way street. There is something in this for both of us.

We do run into difficulties when L is passing round her puréed spinach and chicken lunch for all of us to enjoy!

Giving is something different all together though. Last week was Mrs B’s birthday and I had everything set up for when she came downstairs. Banners up, cards on the table and presents ready to be opened. L played her part perfectly at first and very graciously began passing presents to Mrs B to open. As the game continued (not for very long as it turned out) her enthusiasm began to fade.

Hang on a minute… I’m passing heavy parcels to mum…. She is taking shiny things out of the paper then putting them over there……Where I can’t get them….. I don’t get this……There is nothing in this for me“.

After the 3rd present the game had been dismissed as pointless and L decided it was far more fun to turn her back on Mrs B and try to open the parcels herself. That’s my girl.

The pleasure of giving presents just doesn’t cut it with a 1-year-old. Getting presents is better and that’s that!  Fact!


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