Goodbye Bump

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With the C-Section only a few hours away one thing Mrs B will be happy to see the back of is the bump. Although at this stage “bump” doesn’t really do it justice does it. “Edifice” would be a better description but don’t tell her I said that.

As always the care from the staff has been great it’s just the different definition and understanding of time that is difficult to get used to. There has been a lot of waiting around which has been very frustrating for K. So far we have been able to classify the following expressions:

A tick – 30 minutes
A sec – 10 minutes
A few minutes – An hour
Shortly – At least 2 hours
Later on – the dreaded words. Usually tomorrow.

I started writing this after being told by the midwife she would be “Back in a tick“. Time keeping like this in our day to day lives would be an issue and heads would definitely roll. Having said this once you become acclimatised again it’s all fine. Everyone is working hard and doing their very best for Mrs B and the twins. Inconsistent? Yes. Disorganised? Often. Caring? Absolutely. Supportive? Totally.

Just can’t wait to meet them now.


One thought on “Goodbye Bump

    Jean & Frank said:
    October 19, 2011 at 11:30 am

    we can’t wait either. X

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