A New Currency

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So we have survived the first 24 hours without too much incident. The girls seem to think night is the new day and spend most of the time from 11pm to 3am awake but apart from that so far so good.

The new currency of the household is of course sleep. It seems to be the one thing you cant buy on Amazon! An extra hour of time in bed is becoming a very valuable commodity indeed. Inflation is rife and the cost of an extra hour sleep is rising faster than the price of fuel!

Sleep as a currency does seem to to have one strange characteristic though. It’s more expensive for me than it is for K! Who would have thought it. However, if you factor in lugging two babies around for 9 months, life saving surgery and 2 weeks in hospital then K’s extra hour in bed is going to be cheaper than mine for many years to come!

When I asked what a suitable present might be to celebrate the achievement of giving birth to the girls and all that ensued I was informed “diamonds delivered in a mulberry handbag on a beach in Barbados with a team of child minders in tow would be a good start”. A good start notice!

The simple and most obvious fact is that there are two babies that need feeding. The words “it’s your turn” are irrelevant. Whoever you are it’s always your turn. That being said so far it’s been nice to feed the girls together. Your not sitting in a dimly lit room alone but sitting next to someone doing the same thing you are, We just sit there and look at each other with the same “how the hell did this happen” look in our eyes as we get used to life with twin babies.

So far we haven’t got them mixed up yet, they are sleeping and feeding and their elder sister is taking it all in her stride.

Having said that if your putting together your Christmas present list at the moment sleep vouchers are this years Nintendo DS!


2 thoughts on “A New Currency

    Jean & Frank said:
    October 31, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Excellent. Sleep vouchers will definitely be considered but we will have to see how many we can afford!!!!!

    older mum said:
    October 31, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    What a shock to the system. Best of luck over the coming weeks ad really looking forward to reading your posts!

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