Month: February 2012

Chat Chat Chat

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“When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says.”
Victor Hugo

Now that lines of communication are opening up with Our Leader I thought I would do a run down of the top 10 words (in the loosest sense of the word) in order of importance to Our Leader.  While sign language, and “urgghhh” still seem to be the most reliable method of communication a few words (sounds really) are creeping in.

10. Yes – Pronounced Yes
Very definitely the least important word to L at the moment.  Rarely used!

9. Bath Time – Pronounced “Baaa Baa”
Say the word, point at the door and head up the stairs at 6pm on the dot and dont be late!

8. Hi – Pronounced “Hi”
Everyone gets a Hi when entering the room or the house or the car etc etc..

7. Mummy & Daddy – Pronounced “Ma Ma” and “Da Da”
Not often used as standing infront of you with arms in the air and a good “urghhh” seems to be a more reliable method of getting attention!

6. Tea – Pronounced “Tsee’
Used when wanting any type of food. Not very often that is!

5. Baby  – Pronounced “baaybee”
Obviously a general term for I & E!

4. Marmite – Pronounced “Mar My”
With toast every morning and dont forget!

3. Chocolate – Pronounced “Choc Choc”
No description necessary. Delivered while standing at the cupboard with the choc choc in and pointing.

2. All Gone – Pronounced “Allll Goh”
General term meaning stop or I have finished, TV has been turned off, car engine turned off etc etc…

1. No – Pronounced “Noooooh” 
Delivered with a strong Yorkshire accent (from where I have no idea) and with arms folded for dramatic effect! By a long stretch THE most important word in Our Leaders life at the moment.