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Inspired by a daily morning dose of Bob the Builder L and her sisters now have a brand new playhouse.  When a ton of plywood and several thousand screws were delivered on Friday morning expectations were low.  Very low.  I suspect like everyone else L was not sure I was up to the job and paid little attention to the builders yard that had sprung up in her back garden!!  Continuing with the expectation management comments like “This could take days”, “Bloody hell its huge”, “I hope your dad is around to help”, and the always important “Im not sure my back is up to it” were made….considered…..and then dismissed!

With “Can we fix it . . . .Yes we can” ringing in our ears the great B&Q pilgrimage of 2012 began.  With 5 trips in 24 hours to collect, paving slabs (x2), Turf (x1), more turf due to poor estimation (x1) and paint (x1) everything was prepared and no more opportunities for procrastination were left!

Finding where to put the thing proved harder than expected with indecision almost paralising the project at the outset.  To find a position where the playhouse didn’t completely dominate its surroundings was tricky but eventually a suitable building plot was identified!

After the base went down F and I made steady progress through out the day with J performing the vital role of keeping L fully entertained (out of the way) and K looking after the twins and everything else as always.  As the walls started to go up interest from Our Leader started to pick up and regular building inspections commenced.  By mid afternoon Our Leader was in top bossy pointing form and attempting to hammer in nails, use a drill and glue in windows.

After countless trips to the tool cupboard, plentiful cups of tea, the odd beer, amazingly no blood and surprisingly little swearing the job was done and Our Leader was given the keys to her new playhouse.

By Monday Our Leader was taking her lunch into the playhouse on her own and ushering everyone else away with her new favorite word “Mine”!  Makes it all worth while.  Thanks to all for your help.


One thought on ““Mine”

    Jean & Frank said:
    March 29, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Excellent account, well done!

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