Month: May 2012

Twin stuff

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Iz & E are 7 months old tomorrow and at the moment they are besotted with each other and their big sister.  They give each other big beaming smiles (as well as anyone else who passes by for that matter) and if they are sitting or lying in close proximity they will always end up holding hands or linking arms.  On a couple of occasions we have found them holding hands asleep through the cot bars.

Three or four weeks ago a bug hit the house and Iz was the first to go down with it.  We put them down for a sleep at lunchtime and after a few minutes E started crying much more loudly than normal.  We went up to check and Iz was lying quietly on her back covered in sick and looking decidedly unwell.  As soon as Iz had been picked up and cared for E was happy again and went straight to sleep.

The other night we put them both down to sleep after a bottle but E just wouldn’t settle and Iz was also a bit out of sorts.  Using our years of parental experience (!) K decided to give E some more milk which she wolfed down in seconds. Iz watched proceedings through the cot bars and as soon as we started feeding her sis gave a little sigh and went straight to sleep.

The photo at the top of the post was taken when E was very upset about something and the only place she would calm down was leaning against her very slightly older sister.

Its fascinating to watch any child grow up but its going to be doubly so with two of them.  Also with Our Leader being so close in age they are hopefully going to grow up as a tight little unit.

My Dad and his younger twin brothers were by all accounts a force to be reckoned with when they were growing up and quickly worked out that together they could take on bigger and older opposition.  A challenge to one was a challenge to all.

With the megalomaniacal tendencies of Our Leader and the muscle of the twins I wouldn’t be surprised if they are running a protection racket at play-group before too long!

Watch out world the girls are coming!