Month: July 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Well after a couple of weeks of sleepless nights, a few more grey hairs and breaking out in cold sweats at random intervals the day we had all been dreading had arrived.  Easyjet Flight EZ852 from Liverpool to Bordeaux.

The logistics team for this international troop deployment was of course the two of us plus K’s parents J & F.  After considering all scheduling options, and I mean ALL scheduling options, we arrived at the airport a good three and a half hours early.  Even by my standards (I like to be on the safe side) this is leaving plenty of time.

Checking in our bagage with lots apologetic of “we must be your worst nightmare” and “only one more car seat to go” to the personality devoid girl behind the desk was not actually too bad thanks to the expensive Speedy Boarding passes I bought in panic at the sight of the 2 mile long queue!

We are used to attracting attention when out on manoeuvres but people were looking at is with genuine alarm.  You could see it in their eyes “Oh god please let them be on someone else’s flight”.

Boarding was frenetic as you would expect!  Once on the plane sitting with the kids on our knees was more like a game of pass the parcel with children being passed around between the four of us until the go for take off.  Lily would be passed just a little bit more quickly than the twins just incased the musac stopped!

Once in position all went OK to be honest.  Feeding the girls their bottles on the way up certainly helped and the team worked hard to keep Our Leader entertained.  The flight just went on a little too long and everyone devoid of their lunch time nap became a little agitated.  The kids were fine though!

Just as we landed the twins went to sleep and Lily decided to exercise her lungs!  All in all not too bad.  A little bit fractious but it takes a bit of getting used to and on the return I would be a lot better!