Month: August 2012

Twin Superstars

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An odd thing happened on holiday in France.  As we slogged our way up the narrow and steep cobbled streets of St Emilion with a twin buggy and a toddler refusing to walk we ran into some Korean tourists.  Or I should say they spotted us, ran over to us and blocked our path.

For a few bizarre minutes all of our new best friends had their photographs taken with the girls, taken with each other and the girls or just of the girls.  We didn’t have any say in the matter!  The locals as you can imagine just looked on in bemusement!

I have no real idea why the sudden bombardment.  Maybe its due to the fact twins in East Asia are much rarer than in Europe.  In the UK the twin rate is one in every 70 pregnancies while in Korea, China and Japan its one in 250 pregnancies.

Or maybe they were just bored.  Who knows.  It was an odd 5 minutes!


Teddy gets the Treatment!!

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At a party with Lily and she spots a nice looking packet of crisps.  Open them up and she takes one out.

“Teddy Bear!” Pointing at the crisp in her hand.

“Thats right Lily.  Well done”.

Teddy bear is then put in to her hungry mouth and its head snapped off!

“Oh no Daddy” she says pointing at the decapitated potato based food.

Next the left leg gets the treatment …”Oh no Daddy!”

The right leg then the torso swiftly follow with an “Oh no” after each.

The next unlucky Teddy is plucked from the bag to meet its fate.  The head is first to go again!

“Oh no Daddy . . . . . . .”