Month: April 2013

Turning a Corner?

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It started a few days ago for me, a little earlier for Mrs B.  For the n’th day in a row the morning and breakfast shift passed with out incident.   All happily eating their Shreddies in their own bowls while consuming their daily fix of Ben & Holly / Peppa Pig.   All happy to say bye bye when we headed out the door to go to work with no histrionics or floods of tears.  Added to this a team trip to B&Q to buy some plants (nowhere better on a cold Sunday morning) was undertaken with out prams or fuss.

We have turned a corner or at the very least reached the apex in the bend of this part of the adventure!  The fact that the sun has returned and winter is fading out is also helping improve the mood of all.

For the last few days the team have been outside in the garden pottering about.  Granted there has been a gargantuan power struggle over who exactly has control of the pink car but in the main all are as happy as can be.  (I have no idea what is wrong with the identical red one but it is steadfastly ignored by all and sits in a quiet corner like a discarded character from Toy Story peering out of the shadows with its big melancholy eyes.)

I hate to even write down this for the fear of a vicious reprisal from those two best buddies “Sods Law” and “Too good to be true” but here goes. . . . . It is getting a little easier.

Of course there is every chance we will look back at this time, probably not too long from now, as the quiet before the real storm actually hit but for now we will enjoy the warmer weather and days outside.


Meltdown Time!

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Nuclear-War-AmericaOur Leader is now two and a half and we are now into full nuclear melt down territory.  An outburst fitting for any self respecting megalomaniac can strike at any moment and pass through the house with the same speed as the shock wave from a 10 mega tonne bomb.  Luckily for us (and the fabric of the house) these attacks appear to be relatively short lived and sunshine and clear skies return as quickly as the mushroom cloud went up.

Things that have resulted in full blown meltdown recently are:

  • Reading a Peppa Pig book at bed time.
  • Not reading a Peppa Pig book at bed time.
  • Putting milk on her shreddies.
  • Not putting milk on her shreddies.
  • Going out in the wrong car.
  • Putting her Welly Boots on.
  • Not putting her Welly Boots on.
  • Cutting the sausage in half.
  • Not cutting the sausage in half.
  • Washing her hair (always).
  • Watching the wrong Ben & Holly episode.
  • Watching the right Ben & Holly episode.
  • The twins taking her toys.
  • The twins not playing with her / doing what she tells them.
  • Going out side.
  • Not going out side.

I could of course go on . . . and on . . . . and on.  Life is obviously very confusing for our little one and this rush of emotions must be hard to deal with.  I am not sure I am any better at it now myself (Mrs B nodding vigorously) to be honest!  The only tactic seems to be carry on as normal and attempt to distract away from the thermo nuclear attack!

Looking forward to the I & E stereo attacks!!


“Change is never good”

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As they say on Soccer AM’s Yorkshire News “Remember. . .change is never good”  Our Leader would seem to agree.  In the last 2 months we have tried potty training and tried and sleeping on a bed.  One lasted almost 2 days and the other almost two weeks.

Excited at the prospect of disposing of her disposable nappies once and for all and stepping into her new pink peppa pig nappies Lily made the decision to start using the potty “all by herself”.  We even had one successful attempt.  After the first evening we embarked on the first day with “realistic” expectations but lucky for us high tailed it out the door and fled to the safety of work leaving C to handle the transition.  By the time we came home Our Leader was comfortably back in her nappy and very happy with the fact thank you very much.  Change is never good.

The second attempt at a breakthrough was a little more successful.  The sides came off the cot with help from Our Leader and her trusty screwdriver and all seemed well.  New books were unveiled at bed time and she even read them to herself. . .sort of.   After that all our skills of negotiation were called into action as Our Leader stood at the gate across the door issuing various demands in the manner of Arthur Scargill at a miners rally in 1985.  Our responses issued with the certainty of Mrs Thatcher responding to Arthur’s demands.  We had some times of peace but Our Leader is well versed in the dark arts of rhetoric and the inevitable conflict ensued.  Obviously stressed the “Christmas Cot” was brought out and all was quiet once more.  Her demands met a happy girl once again sleep followed with no complaints.  Change is never good.

We think our little girl still wants to be just that.  Our little girl.  After all her little sisters still get this privilege with no complaint.

Multiple Personalities

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The girls are now absolutely all very strong personalities.  Our Leader is the self professed bossy cow (she calls herself this), I is now the confident little cheeky monkey and E is the huggy affectionate people person.

What is a little odd is that the twins seem to swap personalities now an again.  A few weeks ago I was very quiet and a little withdrawn watching the world go by from the safety of a quiet quarter while E was in the game mixing it up with L.  Now I is taring up the place with L and E is happier watching from the comfort of a nice warm knee!

I am sure they are just developing at different rates but it is amazing just how different they are given they are 99% genetically identical.  Nurture over nature.

Hello Again

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Its been a while since I last posted anything.  E & I are now walking and shouting, Our Leader is a bossy as ever and we are still tired.  Its been hard but great fun . . . most of the time.