“Change is never good”

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As they say on Soccer AM’s Yorkshire News “Remember. . .change is never good”  Our Leader would seem to agree.  In the last 2 months we have tried potty training and tried and sleeping on a bed.  One lasted almost 2 days and the other almost two weeks.

Excited at the prospect of disposing of her disposable nappies once and for all and stepping into her new pink peppa pig nappies Lily made the decision to start using the potty “all by herself”.  We even had one successful attempt.  After the first evening we embarked on the first day with “realistic” expectations but lucky for us high tailed it out the door and fled to the safety of work leaving C to handle the transition.  By the time we came home Our Leader was comfortably back in her nappy and very happy with the fact thank you very much.  Change is never good.

The second attempt at a breakthrough was a little more successful.  The sides came off the cot with help from Our Leader and her trusty screwdriver and all seemed well.  New books were unveiled at bed time and she even read them to herself. . .sort of.   After that all our skills of negotiation were called into action as Our Leader stood at the gate across the door issuing various demands in the manner of Arthur Scargill at a miners rally in 1985.  Our responses issued with the certainty of Mrs Thatcher responding to Arthur’s demands.  We had some times of peace but Our Leader is well versed in the dark arts of rhetoric and the inevitable conflict ensued.  Obviously stressed the “Christmas Cot” was brought out and all was quiet once more.  Her demands met a happy girl once again sleep followed with no complaints.  Change is never good.

We think our little girl still wants to be just that.  Our little girl.  After all her little sisters still get this privilege with no complaint.


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