Meltdown Time!

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Nuclear-War-AmericaOur Leader is now two and a half and we are now into full nuclear melt down territory.  An outburst fitting for any self respecting megalomaniac can strike at any moment and pass through the house with the same speed as the shock wave from a 10 mega tonne bomb.  Luckily for us (and the fabric of the house) these attacks appear to be relatively short lived and sunshine and clear skies return as quickly as the mushroom cloud went up.

Things that have resulted in full blown meltdown recently are:

  • Reading a Peppa Pig book at bed time.
  • Not reading a Peppa Pig book at bed time.
  • Putting milk on her shreddies.
  • Not putting milk on her shreddies.
  • Going out in the wrong car.
  • Putting her Welly Boots on.
  • Not putting her Welly Boots on.
  • Cutting the sausage in half.
  • Not cutting the sausage in half.
  • Washing her hair (always).
  • Watching the wrong Ben & Holly episode.
  • Watching the right Ben & Holly episode.
  • The twins taking her toys.
  • The twins not playing with her / doing what she tells them.
  • Going out side.
  • Not going out side.

I could of course go on . . . and on . . . . and on.  Life is obviously very confusing for our little one and this rush of emotions must be hard to deal with.  I am not sure I am any better at it now myself (Mrs B nodding vigorously) to be honest!  The only tactic seems to be carry on as normal and attempt to distract away from the thermo nuclear attack!

Looking forward to the I & E stereo attacks!!



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