Month: May 2013

Bear Humping

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We have just had a great weekend in the sun and the team have been out and about on the rampage!  We took the girls for a walk in the woods on the hill behind the house and told “Our Leader” we were going on a bear hunt.  This caused much excitement and OL announced to the girls following her behind “Come on everyone.  We are bear humping”.

OL likes talking and she seems to use most of large vocabulary getting me to do what she wants.  I appear powerless to object!

I think I & E are less talkative at the same age than OL was but that may be because we spend much less time schooling them to do so.  We now treasure the fleeting moments between the increasingly despotic orders from Our Leader.  I fully expect her first writing, whenever it comes, to be a comprehensive “5 year plan for the proletariat”.  K and I that is!

Being the only boy the thought of all four girls in the house issuing regular orders has lessened my enthusiasm for vocabulary training!

“E” seems to be able to get most things she wants with her favorite all purpose word “mmmgghhhhheeaaagghhh” and “I” chatters away quite happily throwing in the odd “cat”, “hat” and “boots”.

No doubt it will only be a matter of time before the words “you get it daddy” turn up in surround sound but for now I am busy enough following the pronouncements of Our Great and Glorious Leader.


Oil on the road!

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Spin Off

Just as I pressed “Publish” on the previous post about turning the corner the vomiting began.  It was inevitable!  That will teach me to be ever so slightly smug and self congratulatory.

The bug hit the twins at speed.  “I” started first followed a couple of days later by E.  As we contemplated a busy weekend with 3 pit stops, a party and a night away from home the projectile puke launched itself from her mouth all over the floor.  By the next morning the little bug had hidden itself away out of view for just long enough for us to think all is well again so we set off.  Theses bugs are clever little gits!

As we set off from the party with an hours drive ahead I started to fade.  As we pulled away from the traffic lights the interior of the car received an nice new covering.  A car brochure would have to call it “phlegmy beige”.  Stood in her nappy by the side of a busy A road “I” was stoic as we wiped her down with wet wipes and tipped the contents of the car seat onto the grass.

We literally exploded into the house of the poor people who were kindly putting us up for the night and within 5 minutes had filled up their dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier (Oh and introduced a new aroma into their house).  Never a dull moment when we come to stay!

The next day the little git of a bug had hidden itself away again and we had an afternoon in the garden and prepared the BBQ.  Just as the sausages landed on the table the bug lept to life again.  No descriptions I promise!

Like all racing drivers who come off at a tricky corner and redecorates the armco barriers:

“iI all happened so fast…I lost the front end and then span off at the corner.”