Month: June 2013

Busy Day

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Amazing what you can achieve in a day!  Even with the team having a lie in until 7am!

Out the house at 8,45 for a walk through the woods.   Took a longer route than usual with Our Leader requiring some convincing before agreeing to have a go.  “Change is never good” as they used to say on the Yorkshire News on Soccer AM.   With the proclamation “I want to be the teacher at the front” we were off.  It turned out she was probably right as we ended up a bit off piste and on a longer walk than was comfortable for the team.

Back to the house for 10.00 for a run round the garden a quick good bye to Mrs B (Heading off to London Village to see a very good friend) then on to drawing, reading and sandcastle building.

Lunch for the team and the twins are off to bed by 11.45.  Our Leader instructed she can only stay up if she lets Daddy watch the Rugby its time to watch a great Lions match while Our Leader combs, brushes, cuts (“Just pretend Daddy”) and puts clips in my hair.

Rugby finished its time for a picnic in the garden with Our Leader with just enough time to get the paddling pool out before the twins are up.  A good hour of paddling pool, watering the plants, watering each other, a few tears and quick change is followed by fun on the bouncy castle!  After a few snacks, couple of ice pops and bags of quavers there is just enough time for a play in the tent before tea and Postman Pat.

Back into the garden for more playing on the trampoline and in the tent, pretend sleep overs and even the three of them managing to roll the tent over, repeatedly, before its more Postman Pat, an eventful bath time and off to bed.

All followed by Daddy collapsing onto the sun lounger for 2 hours before moving again!