And me, and me, and me . . . .

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We went out for dinner the other night with the next door neighbours.  Apparently they get home at 6ish most evenings and are royally entertained by the sounds of bedlam that waft through the bathroom window.    Parents of three girls themselves (although all in their 20’s now) they confessed they do have a chuckle when they can hear “all hell is breaking loose’!!  I know I would!

The fun now starts with the fireman’s lift all three demand to be taken up stairs (Mrs B: “Your fault”).  As soon as we are at the top of the stairs and our wriggling load is put down they all then flee instantly as far and as fast as they can to their hiding spots in the bedrooms.  In side the wardrobes is a daily favorite.  They are getting quite good now but the noise of giggling, screeching or crying gives the game away pretty quickly!

The bath is run and the hunt is on to find the first one willing to jump in.  I & E love bath time and usually are more than happy to be thrown into the bubbles.  Our Leader is of course more often than not more reluctant.  All about control!  (Mrs B “Yes I know, I know, my fault!).  After persuasion and diplomacy fail threats and bribery follow!

Once all in the bath they can all play quite happily together.  And then again they are equally capable of recreating the battle of Trafalgar as everyone grabs the same toy, toothbrush,cup, sponge, pot . . . . you get the idea.  If you placate one with a new item you just get “and me, and me, and me, and me, and me, and me . . . . until something else is thrown into boiling pot!  We have singing, splashing, bubbles, tears, fights, pushing, pulling and lots of laughing for the next 30 minutes.

By the time we get to hair wash time the neighbours 3 doors down are able to hear the fun!

Extraction has to be a speedy affair.  Out, dry, nappies, bed for the twins in about as much time as it takes to read this sentence.  Our Leader of course gets out on her own terms but after completing negotiations on the number of books she has is usually happy to head up stairs after giving I & E a kiss good night.

Then its time to hit the wine!


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