Safety in Numbers

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Last night was the first for 3 years and 4 months when no one slept in a cot under our roof!!  Amazingly it passed with out incident, attempted jail break or hysterical crying.

I & E seemed to take to it without a problem, although we had taken them on a 10 mile run to make sure they were tired enough (Only joking …… a little!).   I am sure we will have ups and downs with boundaries being pushed and comfort zones explored, but once again it appears that there is safety in numbers.  I & E have never shouted for our attention when going to bed, or when waking up for that matter.   They are not alone, so why shout.  Their best friend is just a couple of feet away so they can have a chat, play a game and chill for a while.

A very nice way to start and end the day.t






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