Building the Cots

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While building the cots the weekend its hard to believe it’s nearly 5 months since that first scan.

With a 6 month old L sat on my knee and K reclined on the bed with a midwife prodding her with a lubricated blunt instrument we all stared together up at the familiar grainy black and white image on the screen above our heads.  First came the smiles and sighs of relief when the tiny but distinct flicker of a healthy heartbeat at 12 weeks came in to view in the centre of the screen.

But as we sat there in wonder (It’s similar to flying in my view.  No matter how routine it becomes, if you actually stop and think about it what you are doing and seeing is utterly incredible) the prodding paused for a moment and another flicker came into view.    I think I knew instantly what it was as I remember becoming very aware of my heart beat but you have to ask.

  • Dim witted husband: “Errrr ……whats that then?”
  • Mildly amused midwife “That will be another baby.  Your having twins.”
  • Wife: Oh sh”t, Oh Sh#t ##!!! (Clasps hands to face)
  • (Husband bursts into hysterical laughter.)

A remarkable moment in the B family history.  Friends we met on the beach a little later the same day soothed our sense of shock with reassuring fits of spontaneous laughter as did most of our family and friends we told that week.  After the initial shock had worn off in a week or two (And after another scan just to be sure)  it was replaced by a deeper feeling of denial and disbelief which continued until recently.  Very recently in fact.

Now that the cots are up, tiny nappies purchased and the names shortlisted I think we have now finally accepted the situation and are looking forward to the big day.




And we are off…..

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And we are off….. a video by M+K in WK on Flickr.

L will of course have no memory of her 1st birthday but her parents certainly will. Just because L wont remember the day is no reason for not trying to make the day as much fun and entertaining as possible. I think this applies as much to L on her first birthday as it does to her Great Granddad on his 93rd.

After swimming in the morning in the salubrious surroundings of the Wooodchurch Estate Leisure Centre (Where hanging baskets are now nicely positioned to cover the bullet holes in the walls) and a two hour nap to recover from her exertions L decided to pluck up all her courage and take her first steps.

Whether it was the sugar rush from the chocolate cake or the excitement of the day we will never know but it was quite a moment.  When the two new little flowers arrive I suspect the wisdom of the endeavor will be called in to question.  What every household needs with two new arrivals is a strong willed 1 year old careering around the house bouncing their head off everything and crying with gusto to ensure they receive their parents full attention.


Never a dull moment

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If there have been any dull moments in the last four years I certainly cant remember them.  We have been living life to the full and with the arrival of the twins that life is about to get even fuller.  Whether life is “Full to the brim” or “Full to bursting” we shall see.

When thinking of a name for the blog K’s suggestion was simply “Madness”.  Unfortunately that name has already been taken but lets hope we can manage to avoid the asylum for now at least, although its more than likely we will be trying to check ourselves in to the local 5 star madhouse for some enforced solitude over the next few years.

I am going to try and record the experience of helping to raise three children one year apart in age (yes that’s one year in total not one year between each child ) as I suspect it will all fly past us in a blur.  I already have a hazy recollection of the first few months with L.  The brain deletes the feelings of exhaustion and fatigue to protect you from actually going mad but along the way of course a lot of the detail is lost.

To add to the hundreds of photographs we already have of L and the thousands more that will be taken I would like to try to record the joy, fun, laughter, worry, fatigue and stress of everyday life with our three little flowers.

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