Month: June 2012

The Fear….

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K is selling a few of the twins things on eBay at the moment and it is time for the first twin pram to go (We are on our third I think!).  A very nice lady got in touch and asked how much to take it off your hands this weekend.

Mrs L turned up on Saturday afternoon to inspect the goods prior to shelling out the cash.  It was plain to see she was in a state of shock!  She told us with trembling hands and a slightly manic stare that her husband and 21 month old son were waiting in the car outside. She told us “I only found out recently”.

Standing there offering trite words of reassurance I felt like an army captain offering his troops words of encouragement before sending them over the top at Gallipoli in WW1. “You can do it” and “Don’t worry you will be fine” then as now seems a bit hollow.

And the finest words of wisdom we could impart . . . . . . “Its just like having one except there are two of them”.  The book deal can surely be only a matter of time!

She left us with a nice twin pram and just a little tear in her eye.